Train Your Dog Positively!

Fun, humane training to help your dog become a well behaved family member and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.

Changing Dogs’ Lives Positively

Confidence is one of the most important qualities your dog can have. Confidence effects every aspect of the dog’s life, including how your dog relates to other dogs and people, how your dog reacts to novel situations, and even how quickly your dog learns. Instilling confidence through positive reward based training and allowing your dog to have the opportunity to think and make good choices is the best gift you can give your dog.

During this difficult time of social distancing, I am offering virtual, live consultations. We can go over your dog’s issues and develop a program for your dog through our consultation and you can be safe in your own home. Call to schedule a consultation!

My Passion …

I maintain high standards in my dog training and am adamant about using humane, positive training. I would never use fear, pain or intimidation in my training. I have deep concern for the welfare of the dog and will only use methods that will positively impact a dog’s confidence and trust level.